Motor Rewinding

Specifications of scope of work

  1. Disassembly of motor in workshop.
  2. Cleaning of all components with high-pressure water cleaner.
  3. Collection of winding data.
  4. Immersion of motor in chemical tank to soften the varnish.
  5. Removal of burnt stator/rotor coils.
  6. Cleaning and anti-rust treatment of stator/rotor.
  7. Insulation of stator/rotor coil slots using class H nomex paper.
  8. Insertion of new coils into stator/rotor slots.
  9. Immersion of completed of stator/rotor into class H varnish until all cavities between coils and lamination are filled with varnish.
  10. Oven baking in an electrical controlled oven with gradual and controlled temperature rise up to minimum 120° degrees centigrade for a duration of 6 to 8 hours.
  11. Remove excess varnish from stator/rotor laminations.
  12. Dynamic balancing machine to balance rotating elements for quiet vibration free operation.
  13. Skimming and mica undercutting of commutator and skimming of slipring where necessary.
  14. Refitting of new bearings and assembly of motor.
  15. Standard no load testing.
  16. Spray painting.

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